Ediel in Denmark
With its newly deregulated power market.
      As from 1. January 2000 Denmark's power market was deregulated due to new Danish power legislation and directives laid out by the European Community.
      The country is divided into two electricity areas:
- the Zealand area, where Elkraft System is independent system operator and
- the Jutland/Funen area, where Eltra is independent system operator.
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The two system operators is now marged to Energinet.dk,
the merger was effected with retrospective effect as from 1. January 2005. 
      In Denmark Ediel is used for exchange of "non real-time" information between Eltra and the electricity companies. The DELFOR message will be used for forecasting production and consumption of electricity. Metered consumption and production will be transmitted by MSCONS message. All communication is over the public Internet.