Ediel in Finland
      The development of Ediel in Finland is co-ordinated by the national workgroup consisting of Fingrid (The national Transmission System Operator), power companies, application and EDI vendors and Finnish Electricity Association.
Ediel has been in use since 1997. Ediel messaging connects to Fingrid and to the balance responsible companies or traders all companies on the Finnish electricity market. The Ministry of Trade and Industry had made a degree, where the use of MSCONS.D95A for meter readings and DELFOR.D95B for trades and plans is ordered. If some other message should be used, it should bilaterally agreed on. As acknowledgements both CONTRL and APERAK messages are used.
SLSRPT for reports and QUOTES for bids are used only between some partners.  
      The communications are based on ftp connections between companies via operators (Multicom Software, Tietosavo and Sonera) or KUSTI service, which is https based mail service. X.400 is used only with connections to companies in Sweden or Norway. There is some use of XML with minor companies and a development for bids on the regulatory market. Fingrid has made an envelope proposition, too and Germany an XML version of DELFOR. XML MSCONS is used for exhange to minor companies in Findland.