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Nordic Balance Settlement (NBS)

The Nordic Balance Settlement (NBS) is run by eSett, while the Nordic Market Expert Group (NMEG) is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Business Requirement Specifications (BRS) and User Guides for the NBS processes. These documents are published below.

About the Business Requirement Specifications (BRS):

The focus of the BRSs for the Nordic Balancing System is the business aspects of the document exchanges. The basis for the documents are the ENTSO-E and ebIX® Implementation Guides and BRSs, and the Harmonised Electricity Market Role Model from ENTSO-E, ebIX® and EFET. These documents are published at ebIX® and ENTSO-E web sites.

There are three BRSs shown below:

  • The BRS for the Nordic Balance Settlement (NBS) is detailing the document exchanges between the market actors in the retail market and NBS. 
  • The BRS for the Nordic Balance Settlement (NBS), TSO/MO communication is detailing the document exchanges between the TSOs and Market Operators, and NBS.
  • The BRS for the Nordic Balance Settlement (NBS), for master data is detailing exchanges of master data between the market actors, TSOs and Market Operators, and NBS.

About the User Guides for XML documents:

The User Guides for XML documents for Nordic Balance Settlement are detailed User Guides for the ENTSO-E, ebIX® and Nordic XML documents used in the Nordic Balancing System. The focus of the documents are the technical aspects of the documents to be exchanged. More information regarding Nordic Balance Settlement can be found at

About eSett communication guidelines and data packages:

The eSett communication guidelines and data packages contain:

  • Information on how to establish a connection to Basse imbalance settlement system.
  • Full list of Data packages.
  • WSDL examples related to Information Service and Messaging Service.
  • Generic- and Specific Format specifications.


BRSs, User Guides and xml schemas

Document NameVersionTypeDate Added
NBS BRS for Master Data2r2BPDF20230814DOWNLOAD
NBS UserGuide2r2APDF20191213DOWNLOAD
NBS UserGuide Master Data2r2APDF20230626DOWNLOAD
ENTSO-E based Ediel documents NBSZIP20230328DOWNLOAD
CIM based Ediel documentsZIP20180604DOWNLOAD
Complete NBS docZIP20210721DOWNLOAD


Document NameVersionTypeDate Added
Bilateral trades confirmation reports - examplesZIP20150828DOWNLOAD

Other documents

Document NameVersionTypeDate Added
Differences in NBS implementations between countriesPDF20160204DOWNLOAD
Possible future updates of NBS XML schemasPDF20161027DOWNLOAD