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Nordic ECP/EDX Group (NEX)

NEX is responsible for governance of all usage of ECP/EDX in the Nordics. The level of governance will be guided by the principle “as little as possible, as much as necessary” – to avoid micromanagement, but still maintain control. Examples of areas of governance includes type of ECP-network to use and for what purpose, upgrade policies, support level for services across the borders and common terms of usage of the endpoints. It is important for the long-term security, robustness and availability of services that NEX can offer guidance and control for ECP.

Furthermore, NEX will define the necessary technical standards to ease the communication between the various parties. Examples of such could be standards for ECP metadata, usage of EDX and usage of ECP Brokers.

NEX will make prioritization on new development in ECP, on behalf of the Nordic region, to ensure maximum benefit for the total.

NEX will make recommendations on operational guidelines and share knowledge about ECP/EDX to harmonize the various ECP-networks and to further improve reliability and robustness of the setup.

NEXs overall goal is to ensure that entire industry will get as much as possible from the investment into ECP and help to transition from today’s often unsecured or fragmented solutions into a standardised and well-tested platform.


  • Matti Harju – Fingrid
  • Ville Hannu – Fingrid
  • Filip Ahrberg – Svenska Kraftnät
  • Carl-Johan Rasch – Svenska Kraftnät
  • Morten Simonsen – Statnett (Convener)
  • Øyvind Haugberg – Statnett
  • Carl Asp Hansson – Energinet
  • Jacob Dall – Energinet
  • Jeppe Boysen Vennekilde – Energinet
  • Søren Lau – Energinet
  • Jeppe Kristensen Block – NRCC

General NEX documents

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Terms of reference for Nordic ECP/EDX Group (NEX)-PDF20210422DOWNLOAD