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2021-05-27Terms of use (English)Terms of use
2021-05-27Terms of use (Norwegian)Bruksvilkår
2022-05-28Statnett's installation guide for ECP/EDX-endpoints - tailored for all endpoints in NEMInstallation Guide v4.8.2.7
2022-06-10How to maintain a high uptime at a low cost. How to solve certain tricky issues. Major update on 10th of June 22.Ideal maintenance
2022-01-24Parses ECP 4.8.2 logs and EDX 1.9.2 logs to get an overview of the traffic. Tail-mode is available.ECPPerfAnalyzer
2022-02-05Tool for selective cleaning of queues in ECP/EDX, as well as monitoring them. No guarantee follows the use of this tool.QueueCleaner
2022-04-03Linux shell script for updating ECP/EDX due to Spring4Shell
2022-04-03Spring4Shell Patch for ECP (only necessary for 4.8.x versions)
2022-04-03Spring4Shell Patch for EDX (only necessary for 1.9.x versions)