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Implementation Guides

Interchange agreement

The Nordic Interchange Agreement is a part of the Ediel set of documents. The intention is that it should be used as a common agreement for interchange of Electronic data in the Nordic power market. The Interchange Agreement can be found in FUNK-24A.doc.

Ediel Message Handbook

To ensure that interchanging of information in the power industry is based on the same framework, an Ediel “Message Handbook” was made for more that 20 years ago. This Message handbook contains Implementation Guides for common used message types in the power industry. 

In addition a functional description, which contains common descriptions for the different Implementation Guides, was made. This includes relations between the different message types, use of codes and code lists. Special conditions between the countries, time zones, terms and notation, use of header and trailer segments and the use of the CONTRL message are documented. 

The Message Handbook is primarily written for persons who are going to implement UN/EDIFACT messages in applications and EDI-software vendors.

Ediel Implementation Guides (IG)

IGVersionTypeDate Added
APERAK - Acknowledgement on application level.v2r4CPDF20100215DOWNLOAD
DELFOR – Used for generation production schedules and consumption forecast. The message is also used for meteorological information.v2r4BPDF20040322DOWNLOAD
Functional Description – Common descriptions for the different Implementation Guides. The Functional Description includes relations between the different message types, the use of codes and code lists, special conditions between the countries, time zones, terms & notation, use of header and trailer segments and the use of the EDIFACT CONTRL message.v2r4APDF20021121DOWNLOAD
INFCON – Infrastructure Condition – Request for new UNSMMRPDF19991118DOWNLOAD
MR (test)PDF19971120DOWNLOAD
INVOIC – Invoice Messagev0r3APDF19980529DOWNLOAD
MSCONS – Used for metered values and bilateral contracts.v2r4EPDF20100215DOWNLOAD
PRODAT – Used in downstream market structuring processes, such as Change of Supplier, master data for Metering Points etc.v3r1APDF20220915DOWNLOAD
QUOTES – Used for bids to the Power Exchange, System Operator or bilateral trade.v3r3BPDF20181206DOWNLOAD
REQDOC – Request for documentRFD007PDF19981216DOWNLOAD
REQOTE – Request for quotation used to inform the players at the Power Exchange before bidding is taking place.v2r3CPDF20021121DOWNLOAD
SLSRPT – Used for price information from the Power Exchange and System Operator.v2r4DPDF20021121DOWNLOAD
UTILMD – Utilty Master Data Message. Used for update of master data, change of supplier, structural information, etc. UTILMD may replace the PRODAT message. v5r0BPDF20100215DOWNLOAD
UTILTS – Utility Time Series Message. Used for exchange of time series containing measured data, prognosis, estimates, prices, etc.v5r0BPDF2010215DOWNLOAD